The Falling Dream

Welcome to The Falling Dream. Each newsletter features some of the key ingredients for dreams: a striking poem, a flowing image, an artistic/cultural reference, and a fragment of a story-in-progress — all dream inspired. The goal is to explore the literal, literary, artistic, and figurative aspects of the ever-elusive dream — to get you thinking about the dreams you have, having more dreams, and the many ways in which dreams inspire us and flow through our lives, even if we don’t always remember them.

Quick introductions: Lauren Maturo and Jeffrey Yamaguchi are the writers of The Falling Dream. We both work in book publishing — most certainly an endeavor of dreamers and dreams. We're currently working on a literary project that involves falling dreams, and we will be showcasing fragments from our novel-in-progress in this newsletter.

When this phone rings, take the call…

In all of time

at the very same moment

the ground beneath

their bodies at rest

ceased to be

as if it was never there

in the first place